Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On Agile: Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF) is key for the team survival

Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF) is key for the team survival. This is specially true for small software development teams in non software centric companies.

Ask yourself if that issue you are addressing will have a direct impact on a non software developer geek life. If Business ends up stating that the feature results in a high Return On Investment ( ROI ) in a very short period of time then you have created or contributed to a Marketable feature.

Then it comes MMF. The feature that will take you the minimal possible time to develop and still the reaction from Business will be the above.

If the team is not producing enough MMF most likely Business is actively looking at alternatives.

This is not a Manager concern, this is your concern as a team member, no matter what your position is. I rather read a resume that states "I delivered 12 MMF in a year" than "I saved a million dollar in a one year long project". The first statement denotes clearer and longer term strategical thinking.

This is a great question to ask in an interview like I proposed in LinkedIn, specially for those that are closer to C level executives like the case of Project Managers:

What are the top 12 minimal marketable features your team produced during your best year as PM?

Correct answer: Mention at least 12 MMF explaining real tangible value.

Incorrect answer: Not able to mention at a minimum 12 (1 per month) or not able to provide clear explanation of projected or realized ROI for each of them.

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