Sunday, April 13, 2014

Got Continuous Product Delivery? Then you got DevOps.

Got Continuous Product Delivery? Then you get DevOps. That is my response to the question Can you use a ONE LINER to describe the benefit(s) DevOps adoption can bring to an IT organization ? so I thought about posting a quick statement about this.

I said in a previous post "There has been a lot of talks in the last couple of years about the DevOps movement. To achieve agility in a software development team it is crucial to get an agile infrastructure team. Collaboration towards Automation is the answer.".

The reality is that the term DevOps might be new but those of us that have achieved agility at product delivery (and not just release, sprint, feature delivery) did so because we were already having a DevOps mindset.

CFEngine, Bcfg2, Puppet, Chef and others are tools that excel at aiding the automation goal but the Culture must be there first. Those of us that were able to make teams change their culture know that the tools came as a result of necessity. It is great that the whole community talks so much about DevOps. It's too bad that still some people wonder if the investment is worth it. Is the investment on security worth it? Is the investment in Agile and Lean culture worth it? If they are, then the investment on a DevOps culture is also worth it.

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