Friday, March 27, 2015

When my Apple MAC notes disappeared ...

Several posts on the web suggest to open the different files you see in ~/Library/Containers/ renaming them to use the ".html" extension, however I was able to recover them after deleting the ".storedata-wal" and ".storedata-shm" files.

Before proceeding please make a copy of the whole Notes directory. The file(s) with extension ".storedata" is/are what you want to keep and in fact these are sqlite files so you can open them, see the schema and inspect tables with the sqlite3 command.

BTW this happened to me after I started playing with iCloud. My iPhone and MAC notes were not synchronizing anymore and after finding that the iPhone notes were the ones in iCloud I started playing with iTunes and Notes accounts' settings to end up losing my MAC notes and getting those from the iPhone locally. Worth to be said that Notes act funky in terms of synchronization and when they do going to accounts, unchecking and checking back Notes in the MAC solves the issue.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Docker - izing real life production services in Ubuntu

I plan to publish several real life production showcases on docker usage. Instead of using the classical posts on this blog I will go this time with github documentation as I will be posting some working code in there.

If you are new to docker you might check it out as there is an initial section to get to speed with docker. If you are well versed with docker please do so as well, to get it right as usual I need your criticism.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

host command returns correct IP but SSH still goes somewhere else!

When /etc/hosts overrides DNS strange things might happen like in this case today when someone would ssh into a remote machine but end up still in his own host.

You better run ping and host and if there are not the same then look for the domain in question inside /etc/hosts.