Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Don't you know who is using your sql schema? You should be able to grep your code

Don't you know who is using your sql schema? If your answer is "I don't" then you have a big problem.

You can respond to this question with a "Yes, I do" if you only can grep your code.

Big enterprises have different development groups, many times even distributed around the globe but it would be unacceptable if in 2014 we still have code that does not go to a Version Control System.

Knowing the extend of your change will allow you to make the right decisions without breaking production. It will allow you to stop thinking about backward compatibility, about pushing refactoring for the unknown future and ultimately keeping developers happy in your team. In a competitive world developers are realizing that a salary increase is just part of an equation where the number of hours to work is present. So if you complicate things, you are setting the whole enterprise for failure.

Searching for the schema across all Version Control Systems repos in the company should not be complicated and will aid you on maintaining clarity and simplicity in your code, you will come up with better naming conventions and overall a better design. Think lean for everything you do.

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