Saturday, October 12, 2019

Switch Android accounts to access a different country play store

If you travel abroad, you might want to install and/or use applications that are not allowed from outside the country you are visiting.

Here is the simplest way to go around this issue:
  1. If your email is create a new gmail for the country you will be visiting, for example if you are visiting Spain.
  2. In your Android settings, add a new account using that newly created email.
  3. In your Android device, open the Play Store application and switch to that account. Search for the app to be installed and it should be available.
  4. If you need to use an app only available in a country from a different country, you will also need a VPN app installed in your Android so that you can switch the country from where the device presents itself as running in.
From now on you can switch accounts in your Android Play Store application to use applications only available in the specific country you are visiting.