Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Continuous integration ( CI ) makes technology debt irrelevant

Continuous integration ( CI ) makes technology debt irrelevant. Technology bugs are addressed right away to make the CI pipeline happy. There is no need for business consent to open an application bug, nor prioritization related cost, nor user base penalties because of instability.

I would go further and challenge: Why refactoring needs a special tech debt issue tracking number? The team has a velocity / throughput and just needs to strive to make it better. The team knows better what technology debt needs to be addressed with urgency when a ticket related to the code in need pops up. There is no better way to make the team member aware than a marker in the code (TODO ?).

This shift from a ticketing system back to code annotations will allow the team to understand that "nice to have" are equivalent of YAGNI and should be discarded, it will eliminate operational cost around organizing issues that only the team really understand and for which business operations and analysts have nothing to really say. Ultimately this will allow the team to deliver the Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF) with the best possible quality at the fastest possible rate.

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