Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Windows Mobile, Outlook/Exchange and Google Contacts/Calendar Synchronization

There is no need to pay for any service or program to keep your Google calendar and contacts synchronized with those in your pocket-pc and your Windows Desktop OS.

1. Visit "Google Help › Mobile Help › Using Your Device › Windows Mobile Devices › Google Sync" and get instructions to set up your mobile device.
2. Visit "Google Help › Google Calendar Help › Access options › Sync › Sync with Microsoft Outlook › Google Calendar Sync: Overview" to download and install in your Windows Desktop OS "Google Calendar Sync"
3. Calendars are synchronized between all parts without problems. Contacts though is a different story. For contacts you will need to synchronize from the mobile device to Google and your Exchange Corporate Server, that way your ActiveSync will necessarily be the master as of the time of this writing not direct sync between Google and Exchange is still available.

From now on you can manage your contacts or calendar from either Microsoft Outlook, your mobile phone or Google Web interface.