Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Secure Translations - Business Email Compromise (BEC)

This subject is sticky for two months for a very good reason. Training is mission critical, mastery is a must and Paranoia is the only effective defense. Trust but verify! Untrained Employees are the biggest security risk for the modern enterprise.

Just Google "business email compromise real case studies" to understand the raise of successful Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams and why proper employee training and auditing for such training pays off big time.

With so many language service providers (LSP) you should look for the ones that have invested smart (and not just hard) into security. Without smart employee training language service providers cannot deliver secure translations. Globalization demands translations but if they are not secure then you better stay local.

You can follow the "Secure Language Translations" series in this blog, on linkedIn or Twitter. My objective is to educate executives and managers but also to help engineers in reducing the organization risk through sound security measures.

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