Friday, November 30, 2012

Linux Server cries for Linux Desktop - bash ': invalid option'

This should be an FAQ for bash. If you edit a bash file in a Windows machine or with an editor that uses carriage return (CR) in addition to line feed (LF) to produce new line characters you end up with:
: invalid option
If you open that file in Linux with some editors like vi you see ^M characters (corresponding to CR+LF) whenever a new line happens. With vim you are less successful but using ":set" command it shows the file format is "dos". Another way to look at the file is just using the file command:
$ file Bourne-Again shell script, ASCII text executable, with CRLF line terminators
And we all know you can correct that file in various ways like:
$ dos2unix myFile
Running again the file command will not state it uses CRLF because now the file is converted to use just line feed or ^N as line terminator.

Even if you edit such a file in Linux you will still end up respecting the original ^M in most editors.

Some editors will do this trick as part of the encoding conversion. For example I have seen Eclipse editor converting the file correctly when switched to UTF-8 in file properties, text file encoding option. While I saw that working on linux before in OSX Mountain Lion at least you can't. Luckily Eclipse comes with "File, Convert Line Delimiters To, Unix" option that does work on OSX as well. In my MAC even the file command will not report the file having CRLF when in fact it does.

What everybody keeps on forgetting is the amount of time we lose when we develop in one OS and deploy in a different one. Nobody questions that different environments like Integration, Staging, Production should be similar and ideally clones just with different data state so why is it so difficult to understand that if you deploy in Linux your code should be produced in a Linux machine? Way easier for everybody and with powerful hardware like we have today having Windows and Linux running at the same time in your machine should not be that difficult (in case you need to code in both).

Specifically for bash programming you need to be careful with file permissions as well. Go figure how to handle that in Windows. Unless you work with cygwin on top of Windows and use an editor from inside, edition of bash files in Windows should be banned! Just kidding, but seriously your environment is the foundation of your SDLC, anything wrong there will have tremendous consequences in productivity.

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