Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Debugging JDBC based applications

You are a Java developer and you use JDBC because you use a RDBMS like MySQL. Clearly you will be blind if everything you do is at JPA or ORM level. You must understand JDBC and databases if you want to find out why your application is suffering from performance issues, deadlocks and more.

The p6spy driver helps you with that. It will give you all the complete queries including parameters that are run in your system, when they are run and how long it takes to execute them. We have built a POB recipe that easily installs p6spy in tomcat. Below is a copy of it:
#!/bin/bash -e
# common/tomcat/p6spy-install.sh


curl -o /opt/tomcat/lib/psspy.jar $ARTIFACTORY_JAR
common/tools/export-from-svn.sh  /opt/tomcat/lib/ SVN_P6SPY_PROPERTIES
sed -i 's/\(jdbc.*driverClassName\).*/\1=com.p6spy.engine.spy.P6SpyDriver/g' /opt/tomcat/lib/sample-app.properties
sed -i "/JAVA_OPTS -Dp6.home/d" $TOMCAT_SETENV_PATH
echo "JAVA_OPTS=\"\$JAVA_OPTS -Dp6.home=/opt/tomcat/lib/\"" >> $TOMCAT_SETENV_PATH
Breakpoints do not help when troubleshooting concurrency issues. Real world goes beyond the development box and so only hitting your application with a stress test (read JMeter for example) can prove that you have no issues that will later come back to your plate. At a minimum run those stress tests in Integration environment every so often.

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