Thursday, September 01, 2011

Upgrading Bugzilla

This one was pretty straightforward (from version 2 to 4 actually)

  1. If this is a new server restore your DB from current bugzilla installation
  2. Uncompress the distro in your document root, commonly /var/www/bugzilla-4.0.2
  3. Update apache virtual host to point to that directory
  4. Replace file 'localconfig' and directory 'local' from the previous installation
  5. If needed change db user and password if needed in 'localconfig'
  6. If needed update urlbase 'data/params' file
  7. Run the below commands from the bugzilla document root directory and make sure you get no warnings nor errors. Correct them all before considering your migration completed
    $ sudo ./ 
    $ sudo ./ 
  8. Restart apache and hit the bugzilla url


Igor Belayev said...

In #7, what errors did you encounter and what packages did you install and what files did you have to edit?

Nestor Urquiza said...

Permissions is one that come to my mind but I guess you could get others depending on plugins you use or the bugzilla version.

The Bugzilla installation notes I read were clear on this and it makes sense, be concerned about an error and do not consider your migration done up until you get rid of them all.