Saturday, August 27, 2011

Twitter RSS: Follow silently

I blog about the work that I do just because "the palest ink is better than the best memory"

I tweet about most of the stuff that I do or I am interested in just because I think for some people is just easier to get an SMS alike message with a title that makes you decide if the article might be of your interest.

I consume most of the information I am able to digest via RSS.

These three statements probably make me not a good social network user. I would love to have time to follow 2000 people, interact with them, engage in interesting conversations and so on but I don't believe that is possible for a first generation immigrant, father of three kids and with the hope to remain competitive in the fast paced World of IT.

The way I live and work push me for automation even when consuming information. RSS, Atom or whatever format for syndicated news is then the answer to my needs.

Syndicated feeds should be a mandatory option for any website or service providing information. If you are like me you will love this trick which allows you to silently consolidate in your News reader (I use Google Reader BTW) tweets from people you would like to follow.

With an example here is how you can consume my tweets from your favorite reader:

I make my statements public because I do care about what others think. If you consume them via RSS, email, native program or any other means that is secondary for me.

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