Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tainting LDAP data with Talend

Even though I solved this through the use of a nodeJS script I wanted to get the problem solved from Talend.

Here I discuss how to do it from Talend. There are still some outstanding issues.

As you can see in the picture I am reusing the list of white listed emails from a hashmap (tHashOutput_9). Only one connection is done to the input LDAP server which needs normalization (tNormalize) for group/uniquemember. A tJavaRow is responsible for adding a column containing just the uniquemember email for filtering purposes executed by tMap_1. tLDAPOutput_3 inserts the root elements while tLDAPOutput_1 and tLDAPOutput_2 insert users and groups respectively. Note that the latest two are in a separate subjob to be able to create the root entries before. Again the use of hashes allow to communicate both subjobs.

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