Thursday, December 02, 2010

VINE Remote access for Mac OSX with VNC

As I have to do this every so often I rather document it instead of copying and pasting emails (DRY).

  1. In the target MAC run Vine Server
  2. Choose a password
  3. Share password, external IP address, port (default 5900) and display (default 0) with the client
  4. Open the VNC client from a different machine (In OSX use "Chicken of the VNC". In Windows use RealVNC). Use the provided the IP. If the port is not 5900 and the display is not 0 then use "ip:port+display"
  5. When done stop and quit Vine Server


Most of the time firewall rules are responsible for problems so be sure you have port 5900 accessible in your server side. You can configure a different port from the Preferences window of Vine. Share that port with the client. If you use a different than 0 display share it as well with the client.

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Sam said...

Setting up remote access can be a little confusing for the less technically inclined, However, as alluded to in your post, most remote connectivity problems can usually be traced back to firewall issues. If there is a problem connecting to another computer on the network that has the remote access software installed, a good place to usually start investigating/troubleshooting is the firewall settings.