Monday, December 06, 2010

Liferay The requested resource is not available

For some reason Tomcat kept deploying my portlet without complaint but Liferay was showing the below content inside the portlet:
The requested resource (/myWar/myPortlet/invoke) is not available


Undeploying the whole exploded war from tomcat and then redeploying it back fixed the issue. To undeploy just delete the whole exploded directory from "webapps" folder.

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Livia said...

Im a designer and in my new work I have just got to learn how to customize themes in Liferay 5.2. I already have the environments all set,and Im using Eclipse. Everything was set by my co-worker (developer) but he doesnt know anything about the theme customization part.

Ive read tutorials but cant follow´em cause I have no experience with programming terminology. I can do basic CSS and XHTML coding though.

Right now I just css coded a psd layout, and I need to know HOW to start substituting these codes in an existing theme i have here.I know i have to edit the customs.css and the portal_normal.vm in the /diffs folder. But how exactly??? I just copy the html i just coded, inside the portal_normal? Or only some specific pieces?

Help me please, i dont understand anything of that .vm file.

my contact is: liviarimolo at gmail