Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Submitting Iphone Application to iTunes

Well this proved to be a little bit complicated but it shouldn't be if you carefully follow at least one time all the steps from IPhone developer Program ("Distribution|Prepare App" has all necessary instructions). Anyway here are some important and very basic steps to follow.

1. In XCode navigate to Products/${appname}.app. CTRL + click on top of it and select " Reveal in Finder"
2. In the Finder Window use CTRL + click on top of ${appname}.app and select "compress"
3. Open App Loader and select Menu | File | New and choose your application
4. Follow steps and point to the binary (zip created above)
5. Press Send.

The major problem I got was "application failed codesign verification" after trying to send the binary from App Loader.

Just be sure you follow careful all steps from IPhone developer Program ("Distribution|Prepare App" has them all). The error is very generic and anything you miss will stop your app from being sent to Apple. In my case I was working with the 'Project Info Window' (Menu | Project | Edit Project Settings) all the time, ignoring that many of the steps involve using the 'Target Info Window' (Menu | Project | Edit Active Target)

As a side note the application I was working on had a lot of local resources and being almost 40MB it took 15 minutes to get uploaded. It was not my Internet Connection for sure but just an Apple throughput limitation.

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