Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Axis2 Dynamic Binding Tutorial

My previous post was dealing with the dynamic consumption of a SOAP Web Service using Axis (JAX-RPC).

A web service can be dynamically consumed (Without the generation of static stubs) from Axis2 (JAX-WS) as well through the use of AXIOM.

I have written a tutorial explaining how to do it.

Again the advantage of going this path is just about solving issues when unexpected changes occur on the server side and there is no contract with the service provider to be informed of those changes before the release.

A simple extra complex type in the response will make the SOAP client to fail if it was generated using static stubs, hence the need for a dynamic binding solution.

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NitKart said...

Thanks... I was actually looking for a solution and did not have a name - 'Dynamic Binding' (excuse me being a noob). And your tutorial also helped.