Saturday, February 02, 2019

No person left behind - Anybody can master any subject matter

Salman Khan puts it way better that anybody could:
"Learn math the way you'd learn anything, like riding a bicycle. Stay on that bicycle. Fall off that bicycle. Do it as long as necessary, until you have mastery. The traditional model, it penalizes you for experimentation and failure, but it does not expect mastery. We encourage you to experiment. We encourage you to fail. But we do expect mastery."
If you think there are smart and dumb people you are simply wrong. All we, human beings, are smart, period. In fact we all are equally smart, period. What makes some of you look smarter than others is just the way we as society evaluate and measure intelligence. As it stands, society is plain wrong when it comes to measuring intelligence.

This is an argument that I have so many times that I decided to write it down so that I can share it for the years to come, instead of repeating myself. We can all be prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and for the industrial revolutions yet to come. We just need to stop teaching the way we teach. The learning pace of each individual is sacred and must be respected and applauded because the ones that are ahead could be behind soon. It all comes down to determination for mastery. The determination is affected by the society we live in which rewards the fast learner instead of mastery. The so called "gifted" are just fast learners. To master a subject you just need determination whether you were ever called "gifted" or not.

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