Sunday, January 22, 2017

Distributed Document Management Systems DDMS on AWS - Disruption!

There are two killer features AWS Elastic File System (EFS) needs to deliver:
  1. AWS NFS 4.1 Encryption support
  2. AWS NFS 4.1 Windows Explorer integrated Client or alike
With these two there will be true distributed file system support. This is the last milestone to eliminate the need for disaster recovery (DR) data centers and complicated once or twice a year DR tests. Clients RPO and RTO will be exactly the same as AWS. A true disruption that will save billions across the world as Distributed Document Management Systems (Am I really the first coining DDMS?) take over.

This is my official comment to Mount NFSv4.1 with Windows. I had to comment here since my "account is not ready for posting messages yet" and I do not want to "try again later".

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