Friday, December 09, 2016

The lean http to https redirection in IIS

The leanest way to run a secure website from IIS is to serve just one application. If you can live with that, then redirecting HTTP to HTTPS traffic should not be as painful:
  1. Add IIS Redirect Module: Server Manager | Roles Summary | Add Roles | Web Server - Common HTTP Features - HTTP Redirection
  2. Redirect http to https: IIS Manager | Select server node | Bindings | Remove port 80 binding | Default Web Site node | Bindings | Set just port 80 binding | HTTP Redirect | Redirect to a specific https:// destination | Status code =Found (302)
I prefer to use the "Found" (302 option) rather than "Permanent" (301 option) just in case I want to change my domains in the future.

Simplicity rules.

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