Friday, August 01, 2014

Does Project Management provide Business Value?

Does Project Management provide Business Value? A similar question came up in LinkedIn and I decided to share my ideas on it.

Project Management is part of any product lifecycle. It is a discipline that should help a team achieve a specific goal. It is needed either as a responsibility of a dedicated individual/department or the whole team.

A team should achieve "predictable delivery with high quality" and for that to happen you will need to measure several productivity KPI. In the words of Joseph E. Stiglitz “What you measure affects what you do,” and “If you don’t measure the right thing, you don’t do the right thing.”.

So IMO if the PM discipline adjust to these ideas PM discipline is to be considered 'an integral part of the overall success of the team'. If these ideas are still not introduced in your team then the PM discipline is a 'must-do' to get you to new levels of productivity. If the PM discipline is thought to be in place but not adjusting to these ideas I would definitely consider it an 'overhead'.

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