Sunday, September 08, 2013

Reconsider those NewLine in FileName

This is a huge issue. IMO file names with newlines should be considered invalid. I would do the same with file names containing spaces but well, that is a mission impossible. Ask any regular user, simply put, we write using spaces to separate words so why would you be forced to use underscores, dashes or write CamelCase?

So any code generating file names containing new line characters (or anything other than alphanumeric and space should be fix. If that is not possible, like when you do not own the code generating them, and we still need to process such files with our own tools then it is better if we just rename them.

I have scripted this post as:
#!/bin/bash -e

USAGE="Usage: `basename $0` <filePath>"

if [ $# -ne "1" ]
  echo $USAGE
  exit 1

if [[ "$file" == *$pattern* ]]; then
  mv "$file" "${file//$pattern/}"
Now you can use it like:
find . -name "*" -exec /usr/sbin/ {} \;
And the result would be newlines stripped out the file name.

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