Sunday, January 27, 2013

Visual Land Games, an inexpensive game console?

Visual Land sells a device in Walmart called "Phantom Portable Media Player" for less than $60 bucks. In some stores you might get it for just $40. I would say this gadget has a decent quality for the price. You can play videos and music, look at pictures, and play some FLASH games. No WIFI neither camera.

With some luck you might be able to find some FLASH games that would play in this device (Only if they are built in flashlite 2.1 and actionscript 2.0 according to Walmart's Q&A).

I had the opportunity to play with this gadget today while helping a friend that bought it for a 6 year old.

Here are the steps to install games in this device:
  1. Connect the microsd card to a computer (A USB to MicroSD adapter will be needed). Alternatively you can use the included USB cable, just be sure you eject the two folders that will be mounted before you disconnect the device.
  2. Open the microsd card folder named "Games and Applications". The same is available if you use the USB cable under a drive that shows up as "untitled". There is a second drive that shows as "NO NAME" when connected via USB cable which contains I guess the internal storage data.
  3. drag and drop flash games into it. Not all flash games work for it. So you will need to try one by one. I downloaded all games from To download games search for games compatible with this device like the ones you can download from You can also experiment with other flash games freely available: Right click on any page with flash games and select "view source". From the source page you see HTML code with some links. Look for links with extension "*.swf". Click on the link and the game alone should open in your browser. Go to "save" option from the browser to download them to your computer (local disk or the microsd directly)
  4. Eject the card from your Computer
  5. Retrieve the microsd and insert it back to the device
  6. In the Device go to "Applications|Browser|Card|Games and Applications" and select a game from there.

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