Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Debugging Talend Jobs

Today I was debugging a problem with Talend tJSONInput component for which of course debugging is a must have. I noticed I never posted before Talend debugging instructions so here they go:
  1. Click on Designer|Run|Debug Run
  2. Click on the arrow near "Traces Debug" so "Java Debug" shows up.
  3. Click on "Java Debug" and say OK to switch to the Debug perspective. The program will stop in the main method if the Job class.
  4. Place a break point double clicking on the left side of the line number. For example for the error below I searched for "The Json resource datas maybe have some problems..." inside tFileInputJSON_1Process method.
  5. Resume using the green arrow
  6. You can add new code and next time you run the debugger it will be executed (Use the bug symbol to run last debug configuration)

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