Friday, March 09, 2012

Install curl is Solaris 10

Following a similar example as described in here for wget are the steps I followed to install curl in a Solaris 10 machine today. Keep in mind that depending on the libraries already installed in your systems you might not need some steps here or probably you will need more so I do recommend you read my post on installing wget first.
$ gunzip curl-7.24.0-sol10-x86-local.gz
$ pkgadd -d curl-7.24.0-sol10-x86-local 
$ gunzip libssh2-1.4.0-sol10-x86-local.gz 
$ pkgadd -d libssh2-1.4.0-sol10-x86-local 
$ gunzip openssl-1.0.0g-sol10-x86-local.gz 
$ pkgadd -d openssl-1.0.0g-sol10-x86-local 
$ /usr/local/bin/curl

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