Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SWFUpload plugin in Self Signed Certificate websites

When you are developing you will not buy an SSL certificate but instead you will use a self signed one. Adobe Flash is used to provide cool multiple file upload capabilities through the use of the SWFPlugin but it will fail if the Certificate is self signed.

This was affecting our QA team today and thanks to this post I figured a solution for the problem:

  1. In IE double click the "Certificate Error" icon
  2. Pick Install Certificate. Pick the defaults and finish

For some people this was not working still so I suggested to restart browsers and even Windows, you know that kind of stuff you need to do when suspicious right? At least one of my team members reported cleaning cookies resolved the problem for him (of course after following the above steps)

So SSL support based on self-signed certificates is buggy in flash and you can expect the same for SWFUpload. Look for SSL in the Known issues page for a similar statement.

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