Thursday, January 13, 2011

Importance of a Deployment plan

As part of the SDLC an application grows beyond the code changes. This includes DB, setting files, script files and so on.

Ideally if you have the luxury of a BA s(he) will ensure all the necessary areas work together to achieve a successful deployment but regardless as a software developer you are in charge of creating your deployment plan.

One efficient way to achieve this is a semi-automated way is to keep a file with the changes as part of a "misc" folder in your application.

The folder of course is excluded from the final application package. If you are using Java and Maven this is the default behavior.

The file should get tagged automatically with your release. Again Maven's default.

The rest is about a little discipline. Once you release you should delete the content of the file. I am unaware of a Maven plugin for this but definitely something that can be achieved through scripting.


Unknown said...

Hi - I'm the deployment lead for one of the leading IT company. I'm new to the role. I would like to get some tips and techniques on how to provide better email communication to notify all stakeholders that the deployment activities will start next week or something like that.

Nestor Urquiza said...

Hi Edwin, not sure if I understand your question but you should strive as a goal to provide continuous delivery meaning that deployment activities should guarantee as minimal disruption as possible. There are several techniques to make this happen but they all start with culture first, then tools. If the vision is to have a non disruptive agile deployment you will get there no matter what. You will need the senior Technology and Organization officials on board with such task.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nestor. Appreciate your feedback and information is helpful.