Friday, October 08, 2010

Android HNotifier: A Hotmail Notifier

Hotmail Email Notifier (HNotifier) allows you to configure a hotmail/live email (Please note you must provide the complete email address and not just the user Id) and password to get notified about new and unread emails.
* It checks Hotmail every 5 minutes.
* Just click the alert and land in hotmail mobile to check, reply or send new emails.
* Once installed it will start automatically every time you restart your phone.
* To stop checking emails just leave email and password empty.
* It won’t bother you with the same unread emails alert if you do not perform any actions after clicking the alert and no new emails are received.
* For support go to


Go to Google market and download Hnotifier or if navigating this page from your android device click here to get any of my applications


Use this page for support, questions, enhancements and feature requests. Post any issues here or drop me an email. I will be glad to help making this application better.

* If the application does not work as expected please check you actually have unread emails in your hotmail web interface from a Desktop/Laptop computer. Then be sure you have configured your correct email and password.
* If you suspect HNotifier is responsible for any performance issues you can install "TaskPanel" and kill "YNotifier".
* If you find out any problems (bugs) please install "Log Collector" and send me the content by email.

Important Notice

At the moment I am not supporting the new security changes Microsoft has added to Hotmail. You can change the settings though. Just go to and deactivate SSL from there.

Note for IPhone customers

If there is enough demand I will make it available to the IPhone community as well. So drop me an email if interested.

* It checks Hotmail every 5 minutes.
* Click the alert and land in hotmail email mobile.
* Automatically restarts every time you turn on your phone.
* To stop checking emails just leave email and password empty.


Per said...

I just updated my HTC Desire to Gingerbread and now Android Market says my device isn't supported by the application.
Is the Hotmail Notifier going to support Gingerbread?

Nestor Urquiza said...

I authorized download from all countries. Not sure if that would solve your problem. Can you try again and if not drop me an email to nestor.urquiza at gmail?


Nestor Urquiza said...

@Per I see a lot of posts referring to problems with some apps refused to be supported by Gingerbread. HNotifier is so simple application that I have a hard time believing the app has any problem that would stop it from working for Gingerbread.

Can you please drop me an email so we can follow up on your specifics? I have no device with that version at the moment.

Thank you,

Per said...

Hi Nestor,

I sent you an email on your gmail address yesterday. I hope it was the right address.