Saturday, January 16, 2010

Svn ChangeLog for Release Notes

While SVN does not come with a straight command to generate a ChangeLog latest versions come with an XSL that I have been using now for a while. I am just documenting it here as I found today my Ubuntu VM was missing the XSL file (svn2cl.xsl).

First be sure you have svn2cl in a known folder, I have picked ~/utils
cd ~/utils
wget ""
gunzip svn2cl-0.12.tar.gz
tar xvf svn2cl-0.12.tar
rm svn2cl-0.12.tar
 And now, everytime a ChangeLog is needed you can run a command like the below:

svn log --xml -r 7534:7548 --verbose "http://my.svn.domain/my-repo/my-project" |xsltproc ~/utils/svn2cl-0.12/svn2cl.xsl - > ChangeLog

In the above example I am obtaining a ChangeLog between two versions of my project (I got the interesting version numbers easy as I use Maven to release and so I get when Maven released last-7548 and when it released previously-7534)

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