Thursday, November 16, 2006


I will try to blog here my ideas and some of the work I do related to software development in general.

I am not a specific language programmer but rather I like to build architectures and select after that the best language to implement them.

The selection of the language will be affected by many things that I would summarize in three letters DRY.

Yes, Don't Repeat Yourself which I understand as Don't Repeat Your fellows.

So, if I have a requirement from a client to build a CRM why do I have to build the whole thing in Ruby On Rails just because I like to be in Vogue with the newest language? Or why if I have to build a whole CRM+ERP system I have to try to extend VTiger just because I think PHP is faster than Java and so I do not recognize the power of Compiere?

On the other hand of course there are times when I just happen to be controversial ... who does not? So, why do I have to build a new MVC having dozens of good ones out there? Yes I built my own one but still applying DRY because I simply assembled existing pieces.

Well I hope the information here will be useful at least for people that still are reiventing the wheel out there.

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