Thursday, February 24, 2011

Windows NTLM Proxy Authentication from Linux and OSX

If you are working in a company that uses a proxy with NTLM Authentication to grant access to Internet you will find yourself using a tool to run a local proxy to get around an issue: NTLM is not supported neither in Linux nor (surprisingly) in OSX.

You can use Firefox though with no pain to get to Internet thanks to its embedded NTLM support.

  1. In Firefox address bar type "about:config" without quotes and hit return.
  2. In the filter type "ntlm" and make sure you have the keys and values below, if not add the one that might be missing:

  3. In Firefox Preferences go to Network | Connection | Settings and select "Manual Proxy Configuration", type the FQDN/IP as name of the proxy (in our example and the Port (It will depend again on your particular network details, for the purpose of this example let us say it is 3131).
  4. Add the exceptions for those URLs that should not go through the proxy like intranet URLs
  5. Hit a proxy controlled URL and you should be prompted for the authentication. Use for user name "domain\credential".
  6. Firefox will offer you to remember the credentials with a statement like "Do you want Firefox to remember the password for "myDomain\myUseNname" on mox-proxy://".

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